The Synaesynth is an instrument that uses the colours in your life. It translates imagery directly into music.


Colour data is pulled from a video feed and sent to the control pad, allowing you to pick and choose which colours you’d like to hear transformed into sounds, in real time.

The result is an interesting simulated synaesthetic experience

Have a look for yourself…


Use it for musical production, performance or exploration.

Or maybe you’re just curious about what kind of sounds you might get out of a painting.

Have a listen below to what’s been cooked up using the Synaesynth…

The Synaesynth can record loops of input, play and pause them and freeze the video feed to allow the user to control and play with the colour data in fun ways.

Get creative. Let us know what you would want to hear converted into sound?

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This project was made possible with help from:

Elliot Henkel       Philip Pille       Sonny W.